TOYOTA  Landcruiser Replacement Gearbox Parts


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  • HZJ75 Exchange gearbox and transfer with 12/20 warranty POA
  • Full Range of front and rear diffs
  • Gearbox and transfer overhaul kits (HZJ75) POA
  • Cluster gear 5 Speed (countershaft, Lay gear) POA
  • 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th gear main shaft
  • Shift hubs (main box and transfer)
  • Syncro cones for 3/4/5 gears except 80 Series POA
  • Modified input gear for transfer producing twice the genuine gear splined areaPOA usually saves mainshaft replacement
  • Standard input gear (5 speed 32 Teeth) POA
  • Modified 3-4th hub for 80 series with full splines
  • Mainshaft 5 Speed POA
  • Input shaft (HZJ75) POA
  • Transfer Idler gear
  • Reconditioned main gear box top plates (gear stick housing)
  • Front and rear tail shaft flanges
  • And basicly all the parts required to rebuild a quality reconditioned gearbox with the confidence to give full warranty at around half the price of buying geniune over the counter

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Our Top Quality Replacement Landcruiser gearbox and differential parts we believe are as good if not better than the original part. All landcruiser parts carry a factory warranty. So when you need gearbox, diff parts or gears for your Toyota Landcruiser then we are the ones that can save you money.